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CIEE Business & Culture in Berlin, Germany
Berlin, Germany
Program Terms: Fall
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Program Sponsor: CIEE 
Dates / Deadlines:
Term Year App Deadline Decision Date Start Date End Date
Fall 2018 02/25/2018 03/15/2018 TBA TBA
Fact Sheet:
Areas of Study: Accounting, Economics, Finance, Management, Marketing, Pre-Law Minimum GPA Requirement: 3.0
Academic Level: Sophomore Language of Instruction: English, German
Housing Options: Apartment, Host Family
Program Description:


Witness for yourself the impact of global demands on the formation of new businesses strategies, and the adjustment of established ones, in Germany, the seat of Europe’s largest national economy.

In Berlin, the headquarters for dozens of major German and European firms, enhance your knowledge of fundamental business and economic concepts and increase your management and administrative expertise by focusing on problem solving and strategy through the case method of instruction.  

Study abroad in Berlin and you will:

  • Gain and strengthen fundamental business and economics knowledge while sharpening your tools of analysis in an international setting 
  • Study the distinctive features of the Berlin, German and EU economies
  • Compare and contrast characteristic differences in German and U.S. business culture
  • Begin or continue your German language study while you live Germany’s dynamic capital city, Berlin
The CIEE Difference


Rigorously study the fundamentals of business practice, administration and law at one of the best and most innovative business schools in Germany. In addition to a German language class, you’ll choose from a full range of courses – taught in English – and have the opportunity to study side- by-side with both German and international peers


Throughout the semester CIEE will offer three site visits to important Berlin locations. In each instance you will be introduced and guided by a local Berliner closely connected to the site.

You will also enjoy one over-night excursion to another economically important and culturally significant German city such as Hamburg, Dresden, or Munich. On this trip equal focus will be placed on both cultural and business-focused destinations with site visits to historical places, manufacturing facilities, and small start-up companies


Living with host families or in studio apartments offers you the chance to live among Berliners, like a Berliner. Language exchange programs and the “Buddy Program” at the BSEL connect you with local native speakers. Berlin is a big, vibrant city with something for everyone and many Germans, young and old, interested in meeting Americans for cultural exchange.


Total recommended credit for the semester is 16-17 semester/24-24.5 quarter hours.

Program Requirements

Upon arrival all study abroad students enroll in two weeks of intensive German language following orientation and before the beginning of the BSEL semester. All students continue German Language study during the semester at the Berlin School of Economics and Law.

About Berlin

Berlin is home to roughly 3.4 million people and has been a place of vigorous growth and change. As the capital of Germany, business and governmental decisions made in Berlin reverberate through the European Union and the world.
Berlin is increasingly the home to small online start-up businesses with other growth occurring in communications, life sciences and environmental services, media and music, mobility and business services. As a result of low living costs, excellent public transportation and services, and immediate local access to parks and playgrounds, Berlin is ranked among the top of global urban quality-of-life indices.

Where You’ll Study

The Berlin School of Economics and Law (Die Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht Berlin), enrolling 9100 students, focuses on business, management and administration skills for the private and public sectors. The campus of the University is located in the pleasant neighborhood of Schöneberg/Wilmersdorf not far from the Rathaus Schöneberg here President Kennedy famously delivered his 1963 “Ich bin ein Berliner” speech at the height of the Cold War.

Together with six other German universities, the Berlin School of Economics and Law has formed an “Alliance for Excellence” strongly committed to quality and the international perspective.

Housing & Meals

Study abroad students will be placed in homestays or in furnished studio apartments not more than a 45-minute commute by public transportation from BSEL which is standard for Berlin. For students staying in apartments, meals are not included in the program fee and are the responsibility of the student. Inexpensive discounted meals can be purchased in the BSEL cafeteria is located on the 5th floor of the main building. This cafeteria is operated by Studentenwerk, the German Student Association. Restaurants near the BSEL and CIEE Study Center also provide reasonable alternatives.

For students in homestays, two meals are provided - generally breakfast and dinner.

Academic Program

All study abroad students begin their semester with an intensive study of the German Language at any level of aptitude determined by placement test. Students continue their study of the German language throughout the semester by taking weekly classes at all levels offered by the BSEL.

At the Berlin School of Economics and Law CIEE students are provided the opportunity to rigorously study the fundamentals of business practice, administration and law at one of the best and most innovative business schools in Germany. Students will study side- by-side with their German and international peers. CIEE students have the opportunity to take a full range of courses in English and for those with appropriate ability in German, courses in German are also be available. Students interested in taking business and law courses in German are tested upon arrival. Students with a high level of German language proficiency also have access to additional legal studies courses in the Department of Public Administration and/or the Department of Policing and Security Management. These courses, taught in German, are offered on the Berlin-Lichtenberg Campus which is a 25-minute subway ride from the main Berlin-Schöneberg Campus.

Company Visits

CIEE organizes several visits to Berlin companies and meet with local executives and managers to better understand German business practice and gain a sense of the decisions and challenges faced by these leaders.

Academic Culture

Like local German students, CIEE study abroad students are expected to study with a high degree of independence and self- responsibility structuring their own progress through course materials. Because classes meet just once a week students are encouraged to engage in ongoing work on homework assignments, research and reading materials throughout the remainder of the week.