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Benefits of Studying Abroad

What are the benefits of studying abroad?
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  1. Provides you with knowledge you are Latin America Tripunable to learn in a classroom.

  2. Allows you to become fluent in another language.

  3. Helps you gain a better perspective of your world.

  4. Allows you to appreciate literature, music and film in that language, and better understand the culture in which you live.

  5. Improves your college experience.

  6. Expands your network through new friends and acquaintances.

  7. Increases your ability for social interaction.

  8. Builds your resume.

  9. Allows you to experience a new culture with policies and procedures that promote your safety.

  10. Provides an atmosphere for you to grow independently.

  11. Gives you the opportunity to travel throughout your college years.

  12. Allows you to earn SU credit abroad.

  13. You can learn in English or the local language in classrooms.

  14. Your education grows exponentially faster than if you stay home.

  15. You see historic monuments and famous art first-hand.

  16. You discover yourself and our world in new ways.

  17. You become a 24/7 student, learning not only in the classroom, but in your daily life too!

  18. You become more attractive to future employers.

  19. You can take advantage of internships for an international work experience that is highly valued among U.S. employers.

  20. You can discover a new-found passion and have a life-changing experience.

  21. You will be prepared to adapt to unfamiliar environments

  22. You will be able to learn from different teaching styles

  23. You will be able to effectively communicate among diverse groups

  24. You will have a willingness to challenge yourself and your comfort zones

  25. You can be an individual as well as a representative of your culture, and encourage a positive understanding of global diversity

  26. You can overcome current stereotypes in cultures

  27. Expand your knowledge of the world by actually getting out there

  28. See your own country and customs through new eyes

  29. You can get in touch with your family's heritage

  30. And many more!