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Academic Approval Form

Academic Approval Form
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For students studying on our exchange  programs your course approval is handled through your on-line application process - you should not use this form.Circle of Students
For students who are studying on a non-Stetson program; either an affiliate or another program, you should print out this form and follow the instructions on it.  It is critical that World have the original signed version of this form well before you depart for your program.

On the form, you will need to indicate the courses you propose to take while abroad. You are strongly advised to choose eight (8) courses in case some of your choices are not available when you arrive at your study site abroad. Check the appropriate box to indicate if the course is to apply as a requirement or an elective. Tentative course information is available at the World: The David and Leighan Rinker Center for International Learning. Attach course descriptions and an up-to-date Academic Progress Evaluation (may be obtained on Banner Web or at the Registrar’s Office) to this sheet before meeting with your academic advisor. Courses must be approved by the Chair of the appropriate department, your Academic Adviser and, in the case of foreign language courses, by the appropriate foreign language professor.

The original signed form must be returned to World with all supporting documentation.

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