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Overseas Insurance Coverage

An Overseas Accidents & Sickness Insurance and Crisis Management assistance is automatically provided through AIG/Travelguard for those students participating in Exchange, Semester Study Abroad programs and Faculty-led, course related oversea programs. Faculty and Staff traveling on a course-related oversea program or on approved oversea University business are also automatically covered under the Overseas Accident & Sickness Insurance coverage. Please see the Overseas Information and Links below, and download the Insurance Card to take with you while traveling.

Students who are studying abroad with an affiliated program with another organization, please be sure to set up your overseas travel insurance before leaving to go abroad. Study Abroad Coordinatiors can advise you on this process. Please contact the World International Learning office for more information at: 386-822-8165. You do not want to wait until you are abroad to obtain insurance.

AIG Accidents & Sickness Plan Forms, Overseas Travel Card and Coverage Summary:

Note:   Stetson does not provide personal property insurance for students while attending the University, nor for travelers while on a University sponsored trip. Students and travelers are responsible for securing such insurance if they want to cover their valuable personal property (such as laptops, phones & other items). The CSI/Gallagher Personal Property Insurance can provide coverage to your personal property on campus and while abroad. To find out more, please go to ‘Insurance Info for Students’ webpage and scroll down to “Personal Property Insurance Coverage” and/or follow the link to the CSI/Gallagher webpage: 
- This coverage is also made available for Faculty and Staff who are interested and is very reasonable.