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Stetson Housing

Stetson Housing
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Stetson University's accommodations are all inclusive, in that all students from various places, spaces and backgrounds have the opportunity to live together and reside together. 
First Year Students Residence Halls
Unique Stetson Housing

 Co-Ed Housing:

  • Gordis Hall
  • Smith Hall
  • Nemec Hall
  • Honors House - Living-Learning Community *
  • Carson-Hollis Hall
  • University Hall
  • Conrad Hall
  • Emily Hall
 *Requires separate acceptance into the University Honors Program
 Female Only 
  • Chaudoin Hall - "Women's Leadership" Living-Learning Community

Upperclassmen Residence Halls
 Co-Ed Housing 
  • Conrad Hall
  • Emily Hall
  • Nemec Hall - "Sophomore Experience" Living-Learning Community
  • Hatter Hall  - 30+ Credit Hours required
  • University Village Apartments - 30+ Credit Hours required
  • Greek Chapter Houses - Must meet qualifications and be  listed on chapter's hall chart
  • Stetson Cove Apartments
  • University Hall
  • Plymouth Apartments
  • Stetson Oaks Apartments
  • Stetson Palms Apartments
  • Emily Hall

Now at Stetson University, we will allow upper-class students to sign up for housing for the next academic year in the beginning of the housing sign-up process if they meet the number requirement and have an approved themed idea.  More details about this option and process will be published in our housing sign-up materials.